Countless Options

Countless Options

Below you will find a list of all the functionalities of iMailingtool.
We believe that this is all you will need to send professional emails and to achieve your goals.

Do you miss a functionality? Then please mail this to the iMailingtool Team and win a cool gadget. We are continuously working on improving iMailingtool and we are interested in finding out how we can tailor iMailingtool even more to your needs.

For this reason you can expect free updates throughout the year. These updates will be announced via the programme and in the newsletter.

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Customer Management

Manage the data of all your contacts in online mailing lists! Contacts who subscribe to your newsletter through your website are automatically added to a mailing list in iMailingtool. Of course, anyone who unsubscribes will be automatically processed as well.

The possibility exists to manage multiple mailing lists separately, e.g. a list of customers and a list of potential customers.
You simply add all your contacts from your own computer by importing them from Excel or CSV. These lists can be expanded or changed in iMailingtool at any time.

Importing Data to Excel or CSV

Upload all your contact data very easily to an Excel or CSV file.

Exporting Data to Excel or CSV

Export the list of contacts as an Excel or CSV file in a few clicks.


Seeing exactly who opened or deleted the email, or who clicked on your site. This option allows you to evaluate and optimize each mailing in order to achieve even better results.

Unsubscribe Option for Recipients

Everyone who receives your email must have the option to unsubscribe. In iMailing Tool this option is standard.

Creating Sender Addresses

You may want to send a newsletter from different departments. In iMailingtool you can easily create different sender addresses. (Only available in iMailingtool Enterprise; in the other packages you can order additional sender addresses at cost price).

Standard Email Templates

Want to get started quickly? iMailingtool includes some standard templates that can be adapted to your house style with some limitations. This is ideal if you have a small budget or little time!
Do you want to make more adjustments? Then you can have a template designed by the iMailingtool designers or by a design company of your own choice.


Very important when sending electronic newsletters: the option to forward them! Both ideal for users, who can easily inform a friend or colleague about any interesting news, as well as for you, since it allows you to distribute your newsletter among your customers' network for free.

Printer-Friendly Version

Mailings sent with iMailingtool standard include a printer-friendly version that allows you to print a nicely laid-out newsletter.

Give visitors to your website the option of subscribing to your newsletter. In iMailing Tool you can create a link with only a few mouse clicks! If visitors subscribe from your website, their data will automatically be incorporated into iMailingtool.

You can link your own customer database to your iMailing contacts without any trouble. By doing this, all your data will always be up-to-date and you do not have to work with two different files anymore. We would be happy to tell you more about these options.

Email Template in Your Own House Style

You can of course send a newsletter in your own house style. You can provide a design of your own, or have one designed by someone else, or you can ask the iMailingtool designer to create a design for you!

Based on what you want, the iMailingtool designer will make a so-called 'First Phase Design'. You will receive this design in your mailbox within 7 working days. If you want to have things added or changed, you will receive a 'Second Phase Design' that incorporates your feedback. Once the graphic design has been approved, it will be encrypted to HTML. In this phase, the newsletter will also be incorporated into iMailingtool. Once everything has been tested extensively, you are ready to send your first newsletter.

Do you, or does your communication or design agency, provide the design? In that case, please observe the following specifications:
- The format must be .psd.
- The maximum width of the design is 550 pixels.
- Please keep in mind that you can not attach any moving images.
- All variable text must be in Verdana, Arial, or Georgia Times.
- Rounded corners in the mailing are difficult to send and are therefore not recommended.

Full Service Package

You know what you want to say, but you do not know how to say it. Or you simply do not have time to do the newsletter layout and mailing. In that case, the full service package is ideal for you! The iMailingtool Team takes care of the layout and mailing of the newsletter for you, so that you do not need to worry about anything.

SMS Text Message Functionality

Do you want to send your customers or staff a quick reminder? Or do you have a very short message?
Then choose the iMailingtool SMS text message functionality for a brief and to-the-point solution! All you need is an Excel document with mobile phone numbers and iMailingtool.

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