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Email Marketing Made to Fit

We of iMailingtool find it important for everyone to be able to work with our program. Large budget or small budget, lots of emails or just a few, we have a package that suits every need.

iMailingtool packages

iMailingtool Start is ideally suited
to a small business or association.
With this package, you can send emails that look super-professional for only € 9.95 per month! For this price you can send a maximum of 1000 emails a year, complete with your own logo and photos.

                                              With iMailintool Basic you can send up to 50,000 emails a year. Perfect therefore if you have a large customer database that you want to regularly inform about news and special offers.


iMailingtool Enterprise is the ultimate package for large businesses. With this package, you have the ability to generate different sender addresses and to send with the greatest ease up to 500,000 emails a year!

And last but not least we of course have iMailintool One Event. Geared to businesses and associations that want to inform their clients once only of an event or special offer! This can even be done by sms.

Let us advise you right away over the package that suits you best! Call +3150-2101209 or send an email.

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